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Creating Inspiring Designs

Design Capabilities

Design capabilities and cloth diversity have become an integral part of the expansion of the company

Finished to the highest quality

Our finishing department has both the machinery and depth of technical expertise to bring our cloths to a level necessary for high class apparel.

High Speed Production

Cloth production is carried out in a unit comprising of 24 high-speed rapier looms. This environment also weaves patterns and short lengths to initiate the marketing process.

Our Pedigree

Spanning 5 generations Mallalieus of Delph has remained as a Textile Manufacturer since 1840. Founded by 2 brothers and becoming a Limited company in 1890 it has made numerous changes to its outlook and diversification particularly over the last 15 to 20 years.
Changes of demand in the market and the emergence of other countries countering the effects of streamlining its machinery, output and productivity have forced the company into niche markets which have proved to be a key to survival.
The continued growth in Information Technology have enabled systems to be developed that enable the Company to deal successfully in a world wide market and exploit the speciality cloths with which it has become synonymous. Continued development of customer requests are always part of the framework the company works from. Close contact with existing customers and the desire to form relationships with new ones is worked on with deliberate intent by trying to understand and satisfy any type of enquiry. Where the Company cannot sometimes emulate it tries hard to accommodate.
In the last 7 years the Company has moved into a more inviting environment to make movement of production much easier with a weaving and finishing area on separate ground floor levels. Within that environment and being only 800 metres distant from its original site, an ability to retain experienced personnel and maintain a much needed skilled and flexible workforce has been possible. This has been a vital part of continuing to supply cloths to a high standard season after season and build up customer confidence in both product and service.
The current Managing Director, a descendent of one of the original founder brothers, has together with a dedicated team brought the company to a point where it is believed that there is now a very strong foundation on which to build greater success in the future.
This belief is based on the customer base that has been created with both designer and non household names, with whom it continues to be a pleasure to work closely with, both domestically and throughout Europe, America and the Far East

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