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Mallalieu’s of Delph has had a tradition in woollen cloth for over one hundred and fifty years. For five generations the manufacture of finished cloth from raw material has been continued and has maintained pace with technological changes in the textile industry. The evolution from the handloom to the rapier loom, spinning wheel to the mule or ring frame and pen and paper to computerisation has not been ignored. Today, Valley Mills has a high production capability supported by up to date plant and equipment, expertise in cloth design and development, teamwork and dedication.The constant investment in the plant has given the company the ability to have immediate access to all aspects of manufacture. Raw material is dyed on site and a facility is also available to blend, card and spin yarn in a variety of colours, counts and compositions to accommodate the array of cloths we have created. Constant changes in colour demand are readily met by flexibility in raw material dyeing (using computer aided techniques).

The capacity for spinning is constantly being reviewed according to demand and dependent upon the requirements of the customer; small as well as high volume is also catered for.
The variables in yarn composition at the high end of fine woollen sector dictate a need for sound organisation where the spread of colours is wide but the volume small. The spinning operation and the stock service available on some ranges gives the company an ability to respond to lead times required by it’s customers which can be met irrespective of the size of order.

Design capabilities and cloth diversity have become an integral part of the expansion of the company. From patterns through to bulk production, the warping capacity is backed up by short length and high speed warping machine. Multi-coloured warping from high end creels combines a facility for simple or complex design blocks.

Cloth production is carried out in a unit comprising of 24 high-speed rapier looms. This environment also weaves patterns and short lengths to initiate the marketing process. Access to a sound customer base ultimately leads to bulk production and both of these activities are performed by a team which is geared to providing high standards. To achieve this requires sound planning to response to high demand for patterns prior to obtaining volume business. The nature of the organisation, the personnel and their awareness of the changes required enables the company to meet the delivery demands exacted upon it whichever circumstances exist.Not only is the company capable of cloth manufacture, scarves have for many years been a part of the sales strategy. Toward this end investment was made to enable the fringing of scarves to take place after the weaving process and once a finish had been applied, slitting machinery could be utilised in house to render the scarf down to an individual unit. This machinery is also used for the production of shawls, throws and wraps.

Our finishing department has both the machinery and depth of technical expertise to bring our cloths to a level necessary for high class apparel. Bringing cloths to these standards of appearance, handle and durability is due in no small part to a knowledgeable staff and type of equipment which has been installed for the purpose. From flat to sophisticated surface appearances, from soft woollen coatings to fine cashmeres the capability to respond to customer requirements for these first class finishes lies within this area.

Hard work, dedication and enthusiasm have allowed the company access to a well known customer base and we feel privileged to be associated with both designer and non-designer names. We at Mallalieu’s feel that we offer all our customers the same high standard of services and look forward to maintaining that reputation.


Our future relies on existent and new customer and only by utilising our depth of ability and having the desire to keep pace with technological change can we illustrate that we are a company that is adequately placed to deal with their requirements in the 21st century. To date we have not been lacking in our resolve for those 150 years now passed.